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PFI Standards & Technical Bulletins

The Engineering Committee is happy to announce that the Standards and Technical Bulletins 2021-2022 Edition are now available.

“Included in the 2021-2022 Edition, is one (1) new standard.”

ES 50 Internal Oxidation For Piping Welds :

Our Engineering Sub Committee has been working on a new Standard for some time now and we were hoping to have it finalized in our Spring meeting, but everyone knows what happened to our meeting. 

While we have delayed the release of our next Edition until this fall, we wanted to get ES 50 out for an early release to our members and customers. 

ES-50 is a Standard written for Internal Oxidation for Piping Welds.  While there are similar Standards to ES-50 already published (AWS D18.2), our Standard is based on pipe not sanitary tube and has other processes other than Orbital or GTAW. 

A lot of work when into the creation of this Standard and we learned a lot along the way such as mixing a small amount of Hydrogen into our Argon backing gas. What we found out was we could achieve better color at high oxygen levels then we could just by using Argon alone, which could actually lower your purge times.

Soon, there will be a high-quality laser printed copies of figures 2 & 3 that will be mailed when the standard is purchase. To use the Standard properly you will need to have the hard copy of the pictures. 

I would like to thank the members of the Engineering Sub Committee on getting this Standard jointly reviewed and ready for publication while dealing with a pandemic.  Thank you!

I would also like to Thank Walt Sperko for his work on this Standard.  Walt flew up to our shop in Michigan several times to lead in the research and development for this Standard and also provide the original draft. 

Finally, I would like to thank Brett Walters one of our owners of W. Soule for providing the equipment, labor and materials for this Standard.

Ned T. Hawkins – W. Soule Company
PFI Chairman Engineering Committee

“Included in the 2021-2022 Edition, are two (2) new Technical Bulletins.”

TB 10 Factored Diameter Inches :

This Technical Bulletin presents a suggested method of determining “Factored Diameter Inches” (FDI) that are consistently applied for pipe spool fabrication to measure job progress.

TB 11 Cleaning of Rust on Stainless:

This Technical Bulletin discusses rust on stainless steel and describes recommended methods for properly cleaning and ways of testing to assure surfaces are properly cleaned.

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“The Committee is also busy getting some great Technical Presentations reviewed and ready for our upcoming meetings.”